Our Goal for you

Our main focus is to provide you with a fun and amazing photography experience. We love helping and creating images that fit your individual personality. When we shoot your event, we will capture each moment with our artistic vision. Afterward, delivering a product that is unique, stylish and elegant. 

Our service creates beautiful friendships with our clients that extend far beyond the day of your wedding. We pride ourselves on always being available to our client/friends.

Why hire a professional Wedding Photographer?

During your wedding, you deserve a professional with technical expertise as well as creative vision to provide a product that amateur photographers could not. 

    This is how our photography is different from the rest… 

  1. Imagery speaks louder than words. We strive to capture breathtaking images, words just can't explain.
  2. We want you to be you. Life’s best moments are unexpected and natural.
  3. We strive to be different. Because all of our clients are different, our artwork is too. We have our own unique style, but we make it yours, always opening ourselves to new ideas.

Lastly we appreciate each and everyone of our clients because they allow us to do what we love, creating images that you will love and cherish for a lifetime. 

About Cody Sigouin

I am a photographer from the Boston, Rockingham County and Portsmouth New Hampshire area. My love for photography comes from finding a great story in images. Its amazing how a photograph can create so much feeling. Weddings are one of those few times in a persons life where you have such feelings. Helping create and show your story is what drives me to constantly push myself and to create the best artwork possible.

I have been doing photography since 2013 and fell in love with its ever since I picked up a camera. I love working with people, especially couples (being engaged myself!) and making friends. Photography isn't a job for me, its a passion. Im not just passionate in taking amazing photos, I'm also passionate in creating a timeless experience that your family will never forget.


Cody & Licia 

A little story about us!

I met my Fiance at a previous job when I was just starting photography. When I first met her, I thought there was no way she would be interested in me. Until she was the one to ask me out on our first date! Not even after 2 months of dating, I knew she was the one for me. The thing about love is, it can walk into your life so unexpectedly, and when it does you have embrace it.  

Skip forward to May of 2017, where I proposed in downtown Boston, my family was there and amidst all the smiling and crying she said yes! Just like you have probably gotten a hundred times by now, everyone asks us when our date is or where are we getting married. Currently we are thinking in August of 2020. 

Licia and I love to do photography together, we love to try new foods, travel and experience new cultures!

Love and relationships are a journey,  theres no ending in forever, so you have to be able enjoy the experiences one by one.  Having that special someone that really understands you for who you are is what marriage and weddings are all about! You can read more about our story here!