Garrison Hill Florists


16 Chestnut Street, cor. 4th Street Dover, NH, 03820

(603) 742-2060


The freshest flowers, the lushest foliage, the brightest blooming plants, the widest selection! Garrison Hill has consistently been the chosen provider of floral sentiment on the seacoast for 132 years. Our fresh cut flowers arrive daily from the finest growers around the world...California, Holland, Israel, Australia

WHAT CODY LOVES ABOUT Garrison Hill Florists

  Garrison Hill Florists creates such detailed and innovative designs. They can create something out of nothing, transforming a blank canvas wedding reception ballroom into a world somewhere far away. They can bring any client’s vision to life time and time again. Their team is so friendly and helpful, and we look forward to any opportunity we have to work with them! 

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