Best Engagement Photoshoot of 2017 Award!

2017 was an amazing year for photos and it was really hard to pick "the best" photographs because all of them were so good. Each year our studio likes to give back to our clients and lets you decide which engagement photoshoot was your  favorite. Each photo has a link to that couples full blog post. At the bottom of this page you can vote on your favorite(s). Submissions end April 10th and the the couple with the most votes will win an 8x10 print of their choice! 

Best Engagement Photo of 2017 Award! *
Now that you have seen the photos its time to vote! The couple with the most votes will win an 8x10 print of their choice. Submissions end April 10th.
Here you can provide us an comments on your decision or why you liked the photos you chose.

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Unique. Stylish. Elegant.  We are a group of artist in Rockingham County with a passion for storytelling and creating consistently stunning images. Our style of photography is deeply influenced by photojournalism and fine-art photography. This provides a creative mix of emotional, fun and romantic photographs that are timeless and unique.