5 Breathtaking Locations to Photograph your Engagement in the Portsmouth, NH Area.

The engagement session is one of the first things you plan after booking your wedding photographer and with all the amazing locations in the area, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. When choosing a location, you always want to think about your personality as a couple and what style of photos your aiming for. From years of experience working in the area, we have found the best engagement spots in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire that will compliment almost any personality and style!  For more information on what to wear for your engagement session, check out our Engagement Session Wardrobe Guide!

Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth New Hampshire is considered one of the most beautiful places in America! Its a pretty small coastal town, but that's what makes it so special, it has style. From beautiful churches and parks, to brick buildings and cobblestone walkways, Portsmouth has a little bit for everyone. When photographing around Portsmouth you get a real good feel of New England and what makes it so special. 

Some great places in Portsmouth include:

Prescott Park: This park is right on the ocean, plenty of docks, gardens and walkways. During the summer they host plays and festivals all season long.

Market Square: The heart of Portsmouth, Market Square is full of cobblestone walkways, amazing pubs, coffee shop, churches and brick buildings. Its New England at its best. 

Waterfront: Being an ocean side town, Portsmouth is known for its seafood and fishing. Here you can take a walk on the docks and see the catch of the day. Watch the boats go in and out of the harbor while having an Ice cream.

Strawberry Bank: The oldest area in Portsmouth, Strawberry Bank is stunning in the winter time! Old 18th Century houses, Christmas lights and an ice skating rink in the center, makes this area the perfect place for a winter wonderland.

Pierce Island, Portsmouth, NH

This Park over looks downtown Portsmouth and is a great spot for some epic photos. The big part about this spot it the Memorial bridge, which compliments the view perfectly. There are trails and its walking distance from downtown Portsmouth too!

Great Island Commons, New Castle, New Hampshire

Located at the very edge of New Castle and sits right on the coast, the Great Island Commons is an amazing spot with an amazing view. "What makes this place so special?" you might ask, well for starters theirs a beach, two light houses and accost the river you can see Kittery, Maine. What makes this place so special though is whats going on around the park. Its common to see sail boats all over the coastline, fishermen on the dock and tours going to the Isle of Shoals. We love to take dramatic beach photos here and amazing photo journalistic shots. 

Fort Foster, Kittery Maine

Out of all the forts in the Portsmouth area (look it up, theirs a lot!), Fort Foster is the best for photos. How its positioned on the coast, the sun sets directly in front of the lighthouse overlooking the fort. Walking paths, beaches, parks, If your looking for a place that is woodsy but also coastal, this is the place for you! 

Hamilton House, South Berwick Maine

A 1700's house and property, the Hamilton house is something out of a story book. With a private garden, hiking trail and located on a river valley, its the best place for fun and whimsical photos.

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Ten Tips for Amazing Wedding Photos

Every bride I have met has always said "It went by so quickly!", the cake, the flowers, the music, it all passes, but the photographs will live on forever. Looking back at that day 50 years from then, it will be the photos that cements that special night. That's why we want to do everything we can to make them fabulous and to make sure you are prepared. 


1. Find the Right Photographer for you

Photography is so much more than just having a nice camera or taking a lot of pictures to cover your wedding. On one of the most important days of your life, you don't want to  hire the wrong photographer, or even worse, a "Non Professional Photographer".

 We recommend that you head on over to our section called, "How to Find a Great Wedding Photographer" for more specific ideas on what you should be looking to for.

2. Ask Questions and Express your Vision

Wedding Planning is no easy subject and interviewing potential wedding photographers can be a daunting task. Regardless of if you are hiring Cody Sigouin Wedding Photography or another studio, we have created a list of "Questions to Ask Any Wedding Photographer" to help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

3. Give Enough Time for your Photography

9 out of 10 weddings do not run on the intended schedule. Its important to provide enough time for your photographer to get all those amazing shots and for you and your photographer to be on the same page when it comes to the wedding timeline. We have a "Photography Ideal Timeline" for you to get an idea on how much time it should take for amazing photos.

4. Think About Lighting

In photography, lighting is very important. Being able to control both natural and artificial lighting to a set creates new moods and contrast. When choosing a venue, pre-wedding prep and the ceremony, its best to think about big windows and natural light. The more light your photographer has, the more flexibility they have to create the style you want. 

5. Book an Engagement session 

There are many reasons it's important to take engagement photos! As a couple who likely has never been photographed professionally before, the engagement session is one of the greatest services you and your fiancé can take advantage of prior to your wedding. This gives time for you and your photographer to get to know each other and work together. Having an engagement session will give you more less formal photos for your home and also make you more comfortable with being photographed professionally.


6. Location Location Location

When it comes to the Engagement Session, First Look, Ceremony, Couples Photos, Reception, Etc. the location you pick is going to set the mood for your photos. Think about what style you want for your wedding and for your photos, find places that are special and match you guys as a couple. This will make you guys more relaxed, fun, and match your amazing personality. 

7. Prioritize What Shots you want Most

Like we talked about in number 3, your timeline is very important and you might not have as much time as needed. A great idea to do is make a list of the shots you really want!  Stick to a few important shots, and address what is important to your photographer. While you're giving these ideas to your photographer, attach a few photos of yourself that you think you look amazing in. 

8. Take First Look Photos

If you don't want to miss a minute of your cocktail hour, schedule your portrait photos before the ceremony. You'll be less nervous to walk down the aisle and your hair and makeup will be perfectly fresh for the photos.

9. Golden Hour

If you are early in the planning stages or have your heart set out for sunset photos, then definitely plan for your wedding couples session to be around an hour before sunset. This gives your photographer time to take those perfect shots in the best lighting!  

10. Enjoy the Day

Try not to sweat the small stuff, and allow your photographer to frame the shots and to know what will look best is exactly what your hiring them for. If you're always looking for the camera, it won't capture you quietly chatting with your new spouse or laughing with your friends. Your photographer should be the one worrying about capturing those moments, not you! So have fun and enjoy that special day.